Honing heads HONMASTER

honing heads for honing machine
Honing heads are tools used for the final precise machining of holes of cylindrical parts, such as engine cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, connecting rods, gears, etc. Honing allows you to obtain a high precision hole with the required roughness.
HONMASTER develops and manufactures CNC honing heads for its own machines. For honing small diameter holes, hones without replaceable adapters are used. For honing holes of medium and large diameters, hones with replaceable adapters are used. This allows you to cover a wide range of diameters with a single hone. All HONMASTER honing heads have a reverse release cone in their design.
For particularly small diameter holes, HONMASTER produces rigid headpieces (without hinges).
Main (Honing heads) with replaceable adapter НН-А-450
Main (Honing heads) without adapter НН-А-450
Small Honing heads HHL-A-430
Honing heads for two-stroke engines (HHL-В-440)
Honing heads for long straight holes (HHL-В-627)
Honing heads of rigid construction for holes of particularly small diameters (HHS-A-197)
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