CNC honing machine for flat-topped honing of cylinder blocks of internal combustion engines.

A high-performance machine of special design with a vertical stroke.


*introduction into mass production from 2025
HONMASTER HM20 CNC honing machine is designed for flat-topped honing of cylinder blocks of internal combustion engines. This is an analogue of Rottler (USA) and Sunnen (Switzerland) machines. The machine table moves along the X and Y axes. This frees the operator from having to rearrange the cylinder block during the honing process.
The Z-axis drive is equipped with a servo drive. This allows you to achieve high accuracy of movement and avoid collision of the hon head with the cylinder block at the bottom point. This is especially true for Subaru engines. The decompression (radial feed) of the bars is carried out automatically, during the honing process. The operator does not need to manually unclench the bars. The amount of expansion of the bars is programmed through the CNC system. Due to this, there is no need to "catch" the dimensions of the cylinders. The system of automatic correction of the cylinder shape allows you to automatically carry out nursing, in order to obtain the required cylinder geometry.

The cone of decompression (radial feed) of the hon head has the opposite direction, which solves the problem of cone formation in the lower part of the cylinder. The load control system allows you to implement the principles of flat-topped honing. Thanks to the adjustment of the required load and processing parameters, it is possible to control the surface relief, change the ratio of the area of pits to the area of a flat surface. Coolant system with automatic activation.
The ACNC v1.4 CNC system of its own design allows you to flexibly manage the technological process and adapt to customer requirements.

Processing performance increases 3-5 times compared to traditional Soviet 3G833 or 3K833 machines

The requirements for the qualification of personnel are reduced. There is no need to look for a specialist with golden hands

The accuracy of cylinder processing increases, both in diameter and shape

The probability of marriage decreases

Reduces the likelihood of damage to the tool or block when running over the hon head

All the above advantages lead to a reduction in cost and, accordingly, to an increase in profit

technical specifications
  • Hone Mandrel
    The option does not include an adapter and cassettes
  • Adapter for HON head 74.5-98mm
    The option includes
    • Adapter
    • A set of cassette
    • Adapter for HON head 93-118mm
      The option includes
      • Adapter
      • A set of cassettes
    • Diamond Bars