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Coolant for honing machines, honing engines.
Synthetic universal coolant concentrate

Coolant for honing machine is a specially developed liquid intended for use in the process of honing metal parts. It provides efficient cooling and lubrication of the part and tool, which allows you to achieve high accuracy and quality of processing.
The coolant is designed for:
reduction of cutting force;
reducing the temperature in the cutting area;
reducing the warping of the engine block;
washing of the cutting zone and chip evacuation.
The composition of the coolant includes various components, such as mineral oils, emulsifiers, antioxidants, anticorrosive additives and other substances that ensure the stability and durability of the liquid.
It has a low viscosity, which allows it to easily penetrate microcracks and pores of parts, improving their surface and increasing their service life.
The coolant helps to reduce friction and wear of the tool, which allows you to save on its replacement and repair.
An important advantage of the coolant for honing machine is its environmental safety, since it does not contain harmful substances and does not pollute the environment.
In general, the coolant for the honing machine is an indispensable component to ensure high productivity and quality of metal parts processing.
We have developed a special coolant for the honing process of cast iron and alloy steel products. This product was created in collaboration with Htts Uai Company (Ufa State Aviation Technical University), which guarantees its high quality and efficiency.
Our coolant provides optimal conditions for processing materials, improving surface quality and extending the service life of tools.